Football, Soft Power and the Decline of Europe

June 24, 2010

A couple of weeks ago John Brown posted on the waning influence of American popular culture in part because of the failure to export American sports.   ( Of course the US has the UFC but I’m not sure that’s the image the State Department wants to promote*)

Over this side of the Atlantic we’re now wondering about the the decline in European football.   I’m particularly fascinated by the fact that President Sarko is personally investigating the state of the French team.  The last time the Italians were knocked out of the Mondiale at this stage they were pelted with rotten fruit on their return home.  What’s Silvio going to do?

I’m rambling:  the reason I started  this post was simply to point out that Nation Branding has an interesting analysis of the impact of the world cup on national brands.

*Note to self: This blog is getting far too heavy – must write a  post on the globalization of mixed martial arts to lower the tone a bit.


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