Cablegate Tags

December 16, 2010

I’ve been keeping an eye on the cables that are being released by Wikileaks.  I haven’t seen a huge amount of specifically PD related material so far but the cables do give a sense of diplomacy at work.

The cables database is searchable by the State Department Tags.  Here are a few that might be relevant but I would expect that tags are not applied consistently across time or across different posts.  The official handbooks on the tags are here.

For anyone else who is following the releases here are a few of the tags to watch

KPAO – this is the main public affairs tag but is also used for PD. This is used quite a lot.

OIIP – International Information Programs – this doesn’t seem to be used too much

SCUL – Culture and cultural diplomacy

KMDR – Media reaction

ECPS – Communications systems and regulation

KISL – Islam – this is the major tag for discussions of engagement with Islamic communities

OEXC – Exchanges and associated operations


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