Who Does Britain’s Strategy?

January 13, 2011

In a future post I’m going to come back to the implications of the expanded notion of strategic communication that has been spreading through the US government over the last few years.  In particular I want to think through the organizational consequences of ‘the everything that we say or do is communications’ version of strategic communication.

With this in mind I spotted Global Dashboard’s post and link to the Parliamentary Public Administration Select Committee’s report on Who Does UK National Strategy? Short answer: nobody.  In fact British government isn’t even capable of thinking strategically and doesn’t know what strategy is.

From a quick skim it’s a fascinating read.  The document also includes transcripts of the ‘evidence sessions’ (hearings) with among others the Foreign Secretary and the Chief of the Defence Staff.   At times you get the impression that when asked about national strategy and who makes it they don’t actually understand the question.

For a British reader its quite a depressing read for everyone else it’s a reminder that it’s easy to talk about strategy but much harder for modern governments to act strategically.



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