WikiLeaks on Strategic Communication in Venezuela

February 14, 2011

I may have missed coverage of this one when it came out but I spotted that among the cables from the US embassy there is this one requesting DoD support for a strategic communications plan to improve the image of the US in Venezuela.  This is definitely a classic public diplomacy programme in that it appears to be targeted at the population as a whole.  The cable claims that previous activities have had a positive effect on public attitudes.   From a communications perspective you have to be bit sceptical about the impact of such broad based campaign.

 Summary: Embassy Caracas requests DOD support in the
execution of its strategic communications plan. The goal for
this program is to influence the information environment
within Venezuela. The strategy's goal is to counter the
active and deliberate campaign by the Bolivarian Republic of
Venezuela (BRV) to instill in the population a negative
perception of the US. and distort more than 100 years of
close and mutually beneficial relations between our two
countries. Regrettably, the BRV has had some success. From a
pre-Chavez level of over 65% approval, today the positive
image of the US has fallen to a historic low of 31% in
Venezuela. DOD support would greatly enhance existing
Embassy Public Diplomacy and pro-democracy activities. End

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