PD problems may not have PD solutions

April 25, 2011

Without opening up the whole is PD the same as PR question I think that it’s interesting to keep an eye on what Public Relations professionals are thinking about…

Crisisblogger has a post attacking the idea that the reputational damage suffered by BP during the Gulf oil spill last year was avoidable with better PR: as he puts it

No effective messaging or communication can cover for the fact that you are dumping millions of gallons of ugly crude into a body of water for months in full view of the world and with all your technical wizardry and billions in resources, are not able to stop it.

This sounds rather like the policy/communications problem…

I think that this is nice example of the idea that  ‘public relations problems aren’t always problems with your Public Relations’  or to paraphrase  ‘public diplomacy problems are not necessarily problems with your Public Diplomacy


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