Black Metal and the Norwegian Brand

June 11, 2011

Via William Gibson’s twitter feed to Wired Magazine to Views and News From Norway we learn that Norwegian diplomats are going to be trained in ‘true Norwegian black metal’ a particularly virulent misanthropic, anti-christian genre of heavy metal that has been associated with church burnings and murder because they keep getting asked about it. ..

Aspiring foreign policy professionals themselves are reportedly keen on the move. Silje Bryne, who will work in the Norwegian mission in Paris next year, told Dagens Næringsliv that she feels she “will have a very big use for this” in the future. “I see the value in not just talking about Ibsen and fjords when one talks about Norway, but also about the export product that is black metal.” Bryne added that having “such a strong brand that means that we stand out among the Nordic countries is worth its weight in gold, it’s black gold.”

Possibly related: Norway went up nine places in the Country Brands Index last year


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