More on Olympic Public Diplomacy

July 12, 2011

I’ve just spotted that the government put out its response to the House of Commons Select Comittee on Foreign Affairs report on Olympic and Paralympic Public Diplomacy  back at the beginning of May.  I blogged about the PD strategy for the games here.  The response provides an update on developments and responds to issues raised in the Committee report.

In my earlier post I noted that the budget for Olympic PD had been eliminated the response counters this by saying at posts still have access to regular PD funds – they expect to spend £1 million on this in 2011-12.  The report also notes that the total cost of the games and related development is £90 billion.  How many brands would have got where they were today if the they spent 0.0001% of their budgets on promotion?

The report also responds to the decision to devolve PD work to posts.  At one level this makes good sense because it allows adaptation to local needs and interests.  The Committee suggested that it might be a good idea to have some sort of overarching concept to tie things together. At the point that the report was published the FCO was ‘working on it’.  Nothing like planning ahead.

There are some interesting ideas at work – for instance promoting the success of the Olympic construction work in Brazil – presumably in the hope of getting some construction contracts for the 2016 games.


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