The PD Networks Quiz Episode 1

February 14, 2013

A new feature – no prizes yet….

Which former director of the State Department Policy Planning Staff  said:

‘the world I grew up in – states were like billiard balls.  We tried to prevent them from crashing into each other.  We did not, however, look inside them. We did not think we could change what happened inside them and we did not care what happened inside them.’

A: George Kennan (b. 1904)

B: Paul Wolfowitz (b. 1943)

C: Anne-Marie Slaughter (b. 1958)

For a bonus point when did they say it?


And the answer is

Slaughter, A.-M. (2012) ‘Remarks, The Big Picture: Beyond Hot Spots and Crises in Our Interconnected World’, Penn State Journal of Law and International Affairs, 1: 286–302.

Let’s just say that I’m spending three hours teaching Cold War public diplomacy today and I really don’t see much in the way of not looking, not caring,  and not trying to change what goes on inside states…






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  1. Slaughter made the comment

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