Thinking about Public Diplomacy, soft power and political communications from a relational perspective

I’m Robin Brown, I’m currently taking a break from academic life to finish a book called Public Diplomacies: Politics, Organization and Communications – the capsule summary of which is ‘what would a theory of public diplomacy look like if we started with the history of the practice?’

You can reach me at rcmb08 at live.com or I’m @rcmb on Twitter.

8 thoughts on “About”

      1. Robin what can you tell me about the IEDSS, did you have much contact with them as an organisation? I recently did an interview with Gerald Frost who used to be its director — I’m doing research into think tanks.

  1. Hi Robin,
    Great blog, your insights and topics are very interesting. Perhaps we could add you to our blog roll (and perhaps you might consider adding us to yours!)

    The ICD News blog is written and maintained by interns at the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin. You can view the blog here

    We focus on themes in cultural diplomacy and often overlap with issues of public diplomacy as well. We would love to hear your thought on our blog!

    ICD News Team

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