Public Diplomacy/Soft Power Papers from ISA 2011

I’m flying back from Montreal today.  As well as pre-conference working group on public diplomacy there is a growing interest in PD.  Over the next few days I will post some comments and thoughts on the state of the field.  In the mean time I’m posting links to a selection of papers on PD and related topics that have been posted to the online conference archive.  This list isn’t complete and I will add to it in due course.  There are a number of interesting papers that haven’t been posted yet and some of the most interesting discussions occurred in roundtables that don’t require written papers.

Note – I’ve put these up quickly and I haven’t had a chance to check all the links yet – for links that take you to a page where you can click to view online you can go to the link to Allacademic at the bottom of the page and get a pdf.


Public Diplomacy and Prosumption: Limitations and Contradictions of U.S. Web 2.0 Engagement Activities

Edward A. Comor: University of Western Ontario

Diplomacy Action in the Age of Networks: the Agency Debate

John Robert Kelley: American University

Religious Transnational Actors and Soft Power

Jeffrey P. Haynes: London Metropolitan University

EU Public Diplomacy: A Coherent Message?

Mai’a Keapuolani Davis Cross: University of Southern California

City Diplomacy in the EU Context

Teresa La Porte: University of Navarra

Within the European Union: New Members’ Public Diplomacy

Beata Ociepka: University of Wroclaw

The Implicit Becomes Explicit? The EAAS and Public Diplomacy

Simon W Duke: EIPA

Exploring Diaspora Diplomacy through the Case of US Public Diplomacy toward Lebanon

Deborah L. Trent: George Washington University

Domestic Face of Public Diplomacy

Jana Peterkova: University of Economics, Prague

Introducing Corporate Political Activity as a Part of Business Diplomacy

Jennifer Kesteleyn: Ghent University

International Persuasion, Teleological Identities, and Pragmatics

Sanjoy Banerjee: San Francisco State University

Reporting the Nation: Understanding the Role of Journalism in 21st Century Public Diplomacy

Cristina Archetti: University of Salford

Hearts and Minds’ vs. Heads on the Block: Winning Domestic Support for King Henry VIII’s Divorce Diplomacy with Pope Clement VII

Geoffrey Allen Pigman: Bennington College

Practices of Public Diplomacy in Communicating NATO and EU Values with the Domestic Public in Croatia

Suzana Simichen Sopta: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Iva A. Tarle: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Croatia, Mladen Andrlic: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Croatia

Securing the State through Dialogue at Home: The Bringing Foreign Policy Home Initiative: Pakistan Outreach

Caroline Clennell‐Jaine: South Asia Group, Steven Curtis: London Metropolitan University

Comparing the Soft Power and Public Diplomacy Capacity of China and Taiwan

Gary Rawnsley : University of Leeds

Public Diplomacy as Social Networking

Robin Brown: University of Leeds

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